Birding Trails in the Albertine Region

Birding Trails in the Albertine Region

Your Safari, Our Passion

Uganda has different Birding Trail heads that Have chances of the Albertine rift regional Endemics. Of which Ranger Africa Safaris regional Specialists always have the rich Knowledge of the recent sightings in these birding trails of the Most sought after species on the Albertine Endemic list.

Whether you are looking for the African Green Broadbill both on one site in Uganda and another site  in DR. Congo, Yellow-crested helmet-shrike in Kahuzi Biega, Red-collard Mountain-Babbler, Ranger Africa Safaris looks forward to Making a Tailor made trip across the birding trails of Africa to suite your expectations.

Make a Safari of your choice and dreams

You can make any Safari of any duration according to your desires and wishes. Across African Countries. Biding, Wildlife, Gorilla experience or Holidays.

Africa Exclusive Birding Safari

By country Ranger Africa Safari intends to a ranger an exclusive safari,for the great wilderness experience.This depends on the time one has off the daily activities. Please let us know which destination.