7 Days wildebeest migration

7 Days Wildebeest Migration Tanzania

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Wildebeest migration Tanzania Africa wilderness safaris

An experience you will live to memorise is the great Wildebeest Migration Tanzania. Watch thousands of animals in motion at 60Km per Hour a terrific speed for these animals. It is a lovely 7 Days wildebeest migration Tanzania experience.

 Our Famous Serengeti national park and Ngorongoro Crater reserve, one of the world wonders and witness the Vast Wildlife movements or even the relaxation after the movements of all the mix of the zebras and the Wildebeests versus the Cats that feast on the Flesh.

Day  1Arrive Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA)
Day 2Travel to Ngorongoro Crater
Day3Spend the day in the crater then travel to Serengeti / Ndutu
Day 4The Serengeti Safari Wildebeest migration Tanzania
Day 5Travel back to Lake Manyara – Visit Olduvai on the way.
Day 6Lake Manyara Safari then on to Kilimanjaro
Day 7Depart KIA.
You can Tailor make it longer depending on your Holiday.Nd this Trip Programm can be connected to the Gorilla Trekking tour to either Uganda or Rwanda.You can read

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The Great Wildebeest Migration

7 Days Wildebeest Migration Tanzania Experience Safari

This mighty historical event is a unique safari to bring memories of imagination to reality. How animals do communicate to make a decision for migration. For a 7 Days Wildebeest Migration Tanzania will lead you through to Reality.